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About Us

About us

Access Capital Consulting Services includes a team specialized in all areas of business, which has been selected on a high level of accuracy and they are characterized by high expertise, in both academic or professional terms, and have a long experience in professional and legal services, financial, tax, finance, insurance consulting and project management throughout their career in all types and sizes of companies and different sectors.
We are working to provide integrated services to our customers to achieve the highest level of accuracy and professionalism and in consistent with the highest professional standards in all services provided.
We offer integrated solutions that aim at achieving continuity and stability for our customers and qualify them for horizontal and vertical expansion in order to achieve the highest return on capital and highest contribution rates in markets.
We support our customers with all updates in various financial, economic, tax, legal and financing affairs to ensure their ability to keep pace with the market changes and maintain an existing and competitive entity.
We study the basic costs in the activities of our customers and provide alternative solutions to reduce them in line with the nature of its activity and complementary and necessary activities for it to achieve the highest level of stability and continuity.
Our integration and team harmony is the most important advantage we have at Access Capital Consulting Services to ensure the achievement of the highest degree of benefit to our customers and save their time, effort and cost.

Our Duty

– Provide the highest level of service to our customers in accordance with the highest international standards in all sectors.
– Provide all types of consulting services, which ensures that there is no obstacle preventing the customer from achieving its goals.


First: Proper planning for the services that shall be provided to the customer according to its size and activity is the first tool in the implementation of the vision, mission and objective of Access Capital Consulting Services, through a full understanding of the nature of our customers’ activity and their abilities. Further, planning is the main gate to our ability to provide consulting services to our customers.
Second: Implementation of the plan in a scientific and practical manner according to the specified time is the second tool that enables us to provide the consulting services to our customers. This is deemed as a test of our ability to plan and implement and the main gate to gain the trust of our customers.