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Our Services

Consulting and Financial and Economic Studies

The economic feasibility studies of the projects are very important and influential factors when you choose a new investment project
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Preparation of Administrative and Accounting Systems

The Financial and Administrative Consulting Services Department provides our customers and investors with a variety of services
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The Company provides all services and consulting in the finance field to obtain the appropriate financing for projects in all stages
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Risk Management

Risk is inherent in every business activity and the need for managing and assessing business risk is now widely regarded in all
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Establishment Services

The Company establishment all kinds of companies in all business areas, except for public, commercial or technical business, and represents companies
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We provide a distinct and unique insurance service through an outstanding team with long experience in the insurance business
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Legal advice

The Company provides legal advice through a group of outstanding legal advisors. The team keeps pace with the modern developments and techniques
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Human Resources

Designing the competencies and efficiencies system according to the Company's values and industry nature and linking them
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Project Management and Supply Chain Services

There is no doubt that the presence of supply chain management for projects in the companies and institutions strongly supports the implementation of sales
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About us

Access Capital Consulting Services includes a team specialized in all areas of business, which has been selected on a high level of accuracy and they are characterized by high expertise, in both academic or professional terms, and have a long experience in professional and legal services, financial, tax, finance, insurance consulting and project management throughout their career in all types and sizes of companies and different sectors.
We are working to provide integrated services to our customers to achieve the highest level of accuracy and professionalism and in consistent with the highest professional standards in all services provided.

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Tax Services

Access Capital Consulting Services provides all kinds of tax advice services through our experts specialized in various kinds of taxes
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Limited Inspection and Audit Services

The financial statements are audited in accordance with the Egyptian and international audit standards and all legal requirements
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Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Access Capital is a comprehensive professional portal specialized in business services for institutions and companies in all fields
– Consulting and Financial and Economic Studies
– Preparation of Administrative and Accounting Systems
– Finance
– Risk Management
– feasibility studies
– Establishment Services
– Insurance
– Legal advice
– Human Resources
– Project Management and Supply Chain Services
– Limited Inspection and Audit Services
– Tax Services

rather than dealing with many entities.
An integrated team with great expertise and specialized in our field, which contributes to providing our services efficiently and in high quality 24/7.
We have credibility in our transactions and tasks, transparency, clarity and commitment to the work completion dates.
We are dedicated to strict confidentiality and privacy regarding any type of data/information provided to us by our customers.

Our Objective

- Build a long-term relationship with our customers through providing all integrated consulting services to achieve the Company's spread on the horizontal and vertical level and ensure the ability to stability and competition in the light of market changes. - Develop the team to always have the highest level of efficiency and experience and hold the highest certificates and qualifications required to carry out his duties towards our customers. - Assist in the national economy development by helping SMEs to grow and achieve their objectives in accordance with the State policy. - Contribute to the qualification of future generations in a professional manner consistent with the market requirements and provide job opportunities for them.

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Our Mission

In light of recent developments in Egypt, especially in the economic and developmental aspects, and the changes made to the investment and tax laws and financing initiatives launched to finance SMEs, which requires the availability of advisory entities that provide integrated solutions to help private sector companies and banks to perform their duty to support and develop the national economy and promote development, the idea of establishing our Company has emerged. This idea was based on the merger of a group of consulting offices specialized in all types of services needed by the private sector and banks to provide integrated solutions and thoughtful insights from all aspects in all types of transactions, whether governmental, banking, insurance, finance or investment, which supports our customers and provides them with all means of success. The basis of our Company is to provide integrated solutions to our customers, which requires us to work hard to develop ourselves and our abilities and fully communicate with all the changes and developments that occur at home and abroad. We have taken the responsibility to support our customers by all means of success.

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Our Vision

To establish, activate and enhance the role of the integrated center for expertise to serve our customers in a way that ensures and achieves stability, continuity, competitiveness and highest productivity.

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Our Experts

Walid Hassan Abdul Majid

Vice Chairman

Hani Khalaf Suleiman

Managing director

Mustafa Hamdi Hassan


Raafat al shaar

Member of the Board of Directors









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