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Preparation of Administrative and Accounting Systems

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Preparation of Administrative and Accounting Systems:

The administrative and accounting system includes the following main elements:

– Supervise the application of the administrative system .
– Financial and administrative consulting services.
– The Financial and Administrative Consulting Services Department provides our customers and investors with a variety of services that are commensurate with the nature of the facility’s activity to achieve efficient performance and protect the facility from fraud, human errors and violations of regulations and policies set to achieve the facility’s objectives and visions through a team of highly qualified experts. These services include the following:

– Prepare the appropriate accounts manual for the business nature.
– Book and documentary group and document handling course between the facility’s departments.
– Supervise the application of the accounting system from the journal entry until the preparation of financial statements in accordance with Egyptian and international accounting standards.
– Internal control procedures.
– Review the applicable financial systems and internal controls.
– Design, develop and implement internal policies, controls and procedures.
– Design, develop and implement financial accounting systems and financial regulations.
– Conduct market research and feasibility studies.
– Conduct valuation studies.
– Exercise due diligence and mergers and acquisitions.