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Insurance (Burglary – Fire – Engineering – Medical – Life)

We provide a distinct and unique insurance service through an outstanding team with long experience in the insurance business, by taking the following steps:

1. Study the current insurance status of the company and submit a report including the organizational plan and advice on which the insurance system of the company shall be based.
2. Develop a correct insurance system for the company.
3. Renew existing documents and make new releases.
4. Settle compensation.
5. Periodic follow-up through submitting monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the insurance status and all insurance documents status.
6. Provide specialized consulting in risk or asset assessment, or compensation settlement.

Coverage and Insurance Solutions that we provide to our Customers:

First: Different types of property and responsibility insurance issues.
Second: Life and medical insurance issues.
Third: Takaful insurance services in compliance with the principles of Islamic Sharia.