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First: Establishment of Companies inside the Arab Republic of Egypt:

The Company establishment all kinds of companies in all business areas, except for public, commercial or technical business, and represents companies before all government and other authorities, under the laws applicable within the Arab Republic of Egypt. We also perform all other services associated with the companies’ establishment, such as the following:

– Enter and register of companies in (Commercial and Industrial Register, Capital Market Authority, Stock Exchange, Commercial Agents, Exporters and Importers Register, Trademarks, Private Sector Contractors, Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors).
– Amend the Articles of Association of companies and adjusting their status, preparing contracts, side agreements, certificates and instruments of shares and bonds, general assemblies, boards of directors, shareholders’ registers, books of ownership and assignments.
– Transform the legal status of companies.
– Merger or division and liquidation.
– Assist in obtaining work and residence permits for non-Egyptians.
– Obtain the necessary licenses for projects from governmental and non-governmental authorities.
– Enter in the construction contractors register.
– Enter in the private sector contractors register.
– Procure all types of work and residence permits for foreign investors.
– Carry out all liquidation works.
– Proceed with the procedures of sale or assignment of shares in joint stock companies.
– Issue temporary shares for joint stock companies.
– Establish branches of foreign companies in Egypt.
– Approve ordinary and extraordinary general meetings and minutes of the Board of Directors.
– Extract registers (commercial – commercial agents).

Second: Establishment of Companies and Associated Services (Commercial Register – Licenses Approvals) outside the Arab Republic of Egypt

We establish all types of companies outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, in particular, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Istithmar) and the United Arab Emirates, Dubai (internal investment – free zones).
When considering the establishment of a company outside Egypt, our Company perfoms the following services:

• Feasibility study.
• Proposed legal entity.
• Conclude the company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
• Declare Contract.
• Obtain all company approvals.
• Establish the company with the competent departments (Economic Department and General Authority for Investment).
• Propose different alternatives to the company’s headquarters.
• Negotiate and conclude lease agreement and attest it before the municipality.
• Accommodation for partners and shareholders.
• Visas and residence for employees.
• Manage the company’s human resources.
• Introduce the laws and regulations of the country where the company is establish.