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Legal advice

Legal advice

The Company provides legal advice through a group of outstanding legal advisors. The team keeps pace with the modern developments and techniques. In this accelerated era, our customers need to know their rights, duties and legal position towards any project very quickly and accurately.

Since the legal advice has an important and effective role in guiding and providing the required advice to customers before initiating the legal proceedings, the Company provides the best legal advice services to customers through qualified advisors with outstanding scientific expertise and specialized in the following:

• Banking Transactions: we deal with all cases before commercial and economic courts and international arbitration, collect all inquiries for individuals and companies, make sure that all documents submitted to banks are correct, whatever the quality of these documents, collect all bank debts amicably and judicially, deal with the General Authority for Investment, the Commercial Registry Authority, the Real Estate Registration, the City Services, the Community Authority to prove bank mortgages on the documents and finally examine and draft all commercial contracts.

• Courts and Public Prosecutions: We are authorized to work in all types of legal and judicial disputes, such as criminal civil, commercial, sharia, and labour cases, Administrative Judiciary, State Council, economic lawsuits before economic courts in different litigation instances and the Public Prosecution of all branches and departments. We also specialized in financial credit inquiries for companies and car exhibitions, the judicial and amicable claims for all debts and cheques, as well as terminating all disputes and claims by judicature and agreement.

• Companies: incorporating and form different types of companies underlying to the investment laws, sole proprietorship and companies subscribed and offered for trading in the Egypt’s Stock Exchange, incorporating and amending foreign companies’ branches inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt locally and internationally, dealing with Tax Authority, Commercial Register, Chamber of Commerce and new Urban Communities Authority, procuring all work permits from all governmental authorities and industrial records of General Organization for Industrial Development and Export and Import Control, obtaining the approvals of the Civil Defense and Fire Fighting related to factories, obtaining the approvals of Industrial Security, Environmental Affairs Agency , Chemical Lab, Social Insurance, Labor Offices and Industry Federations, register trademarks, license pharmacies, and registering with the Nutrition Institute of the Ministry of Health. We also offer all lands suitable for investment in Egypt and establish all kinds of projects (industrial, commercial, tourism, services and other projects).

• Owners & Occupiers Association: Incorporating owner associations on vacant lands, occupier associations on properties already established, and developing minutes of meetings and boards of directors.

• Conducting all declaration and authentication works for immovable and movables before Real Estate Registration Offices, Area Directorates and Passports, Emigration & Nationality Administration.

• Providing all certified legal translation in all languages, for contracts, documents and cases.

• Drafting all types of contracts and agreements in all fields.

• Experience in judicial dealings and contracts with international companies in Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, England, UAE, Ireland … and others.