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Project Management and Supply Chain Services

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Project Management and Supply Chain Services

There is no doubt that the presence of supply chain management for projects in the companies and institutions strongly supports the implementation of sales and service delivery. Therefore, Access Capital Consulting Services helps companies through our experts in this field by preparing a strong system that provides production requirements of the highest quality and lowest cost, which contributes to providing the company’s products and services with the highest possible quality through developing a system that ensures the quality of information issued thereby and providing solutions on how to choose the appropriate source of supply, link supply chain management to other service departments in the facility and conduct business strongly to achieve the company’s objective.

Our experienced consultants offer a full range of supply chain services to improve performance by providing:

1. Procurement and supply chain strategy.
2. Sales and operations planning.
3. How to identify sources and purchases.
4. Developing a sourcing strategy.
5. Supplier Management.
6. Storage and transportation and logistics services.